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Christmas begins…

Since last year, Christmas has begun on December the 1st, with the arrival of our elf, Harold. This year, aged four and a half, the two older wildthings are very excited about Christmas and it’s rubbing off on their two year old brother!


Harold brought with him a stack of 24 wrapped Christmas bedtime stories and a letter telling the boys that we were off to Longleat to see Father Christmas. Everything there was fantastic, with the exception of the Santa Train, which was a bit of a let down. Father Christmas’s beard was slipping, showing his less than white moustache, the elves looked like they’d rather be at home in their onesies and it just wasn’t worth the money. The rest of it though, was fabulous. Maybe next year, Harold will send the boys to Longleat for the lights, singing tree and beautifully decorated house full of panto characters (incidentally, these characters definitely didn’t want to be at home in their onesies, they were enthusiastic and in character at all times- brilliant) and send them to a garden centre to see FC! Anyway, here are the Wildthings having a wild time…