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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Elf excitement

The excitement is mounting with each passing night. Every morning, the Wildthings insist they are let downstairs to ‘see what the elf has done next’. Once they are allowed past the stairgate, every little thing that’s slightly different or out of it’s usual place elicits a ‘LOOK WHAT HAROLD’S DONE!’ shrieked at the top of their voices. They even asked Grandma yesterday about her elf (quick thinking on Grandma’s part meant that she now has to make up elf antics too!) and accused ‘Harriet’ of throwing the cushions off the sofa.

Over the last few days there has been Christmas tree decorating, festive lights being mysteriously turned on over night, sinks full of bubbles and graffiti. I think it’s about time Harold stepped things up a bit. I wonder what he’ll get up to next week…



Advent calendars and elf antics

The Wildthings always end up with more than one advent calendar each. This year, they have a chocolate one from Grandma as usual and they are old enough to know about the CBeebies calendar on the website. I have an issue with chocolate advent calendars, so I am rebelling and have created my own, which supplies them with a Christmassy activity each day (apart from Day One, for which I was unprepared and they got stickers!). Yesterday was colour by numbers. After initial disappointment that it wasn’t a) edible, or b) computer based, they loved it, and spent a happy 45 minutes colouring together.

Harold is just getting warmed up with his elf antics. Nothing too exciting so far- he sat up doing a puzzle one night with some other toys, and the Wildthings found him this morning with a pile of DVDs and Peppa Pig playing on the TV. Please note that I was *not* responsible for anything in the picture. All props were arranged by daddy!

Christmas begins…

Since last year, Christmas has begun on December the 1st, with the arrival of our elf, Harold. This year, aged four and a half, the two older wildthings are very excited about Christmas and it’s rubbing off on their two year old brother!


Harold brought with him a stack of 24 wrapped Christmas bedtime stories and a letter telling the boys that we were off to Longleat to see Father Christmas. Everything there was fantastic, with the exception of the Santa Train, which was a bit of a let down. Father Christmas’s beard was slipping, showing his less than white moustache, the elves looked like they’d rather be at home in their onesies and it just wasn’t worth the money. The rest of it though, was fabulous. Maybe next year, Harold will send the boys to Longleat for the lights, singing tree and beautifully decorated house full of panto characters (incidentally, these characters definitely didn’t want to be at home in their onesies, they were enthusiastic and in character at all times- brilliant) and send them to a garden centre to see FC! Anyway, here are the Wildthings having a wild time…