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Well, that was an adventure!

I decided this morning that the Wildthings and I would take the dog for a walk. I’ve been avoiding the one woman, three children and a dog scenario for a long time, unless we’re in a contained area and can easily get home or back to the car. I’m not sure what came over me this morning, but I decided to brave it and take them all on a two and a half mile trek through woods and fields! So, baby Wildthing in the sling, spare pants and trousers for the recently-potty-trained Wildthings rolled up in my pocket, plus enough tissues to keep us going for a week and away we went.

The Wildthings have suddenly acquired some road sense, so the first part of the walk was uneventful. Just under a mile in, as we trudged through the woods, I had my first moment of panic that they may just decide to sit down and not go any further. My fears were unfounded though and they soldiered on, jumping in puddles, examining what appeared to be a dinosaur (see photos!) and stopping to watch trains whizz past. Cue my second panic of the morning- we were shortly going to have to cross the railway. As it turned out, the railway was the least of my worries. As we turned down the footpath leading to the crossing, I was thinking how pretty the hedges looked. A few metres further on when the brambles were strung like party decorations across the path at eye-level, I wasn’t thinking such lovely thoughts! The Wildthings had to walk with their arms up to protect their faces from the nettles. There was even a landslide to contend with!

We crossed the railway safely (phew!) and as we walked out into the open field, the rain came. And it really, really rained. Sideways. One of my wellies leaked and baby Wildthing woke up. The rain didn’t bother him a great deal, unlike his brothers, one of whom did his favourite trick of rushing around in front of me and stopping. Occasionally this works and he gets put on my shoulders, but not today, pal! Despite the miserable weather, Wildthings 1 and 2 both loved their adventure, they ‘just didn’t like the stingy plants’. I think we’ll give that particular route a miss for a while, but I am feeling particularly smug this afternoon that they walked every step of the way, there were no tantrums and I didn’t lose anyone!


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