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Too many adventures, too little time!

Oh dear, I really did fall off the blogging bandwagon with a crash didn’t I! Life’s been full of little adventures recently, with the twin Wildthings turning three. They had a fantastic playhouse for their birthday. We put them to work digging the foundations by telling them that daddy was building a new shed 😉

I must make sure I get some photos of them playing in it now it’s finished. They’ve already made a start on the DIY!

So, with Wildthing birthdays come parties of course! Unfortunately I was suffering from some unspecified lurgy and wasn’t up to being the cake-maker extraordinaire that is my alter ego. We decided that if I couldn’t manage it, the children would just have to decorate their own cupcakes- it was a hit! They had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine, generally playing and making a mess, then we did it all again with family a few days later.

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