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The first bit is always the worst isn’t it? Walking into a room full of people, the opening gambit, the first page- the first blog post. What to write? How do I connect? How do I grab the reader’s interest? Well, how about this. I’ll just post as the mood takes me. I’ll post about my Wildthings, what we do and where we go and you can read. Or not.

So, I guess you want to know why I’m doing this. In short, I’m on maternity leave with three under threes. I need some kind of intellectual stimulation, even if it is just typing posts that no one will ever read! I want to document their little lives too. I read something yesterday, a list, published by the National Trust of things that children should do before they’re twelve years old. It was like reading a list of my own childhood memories and I want that for my boys. I’m fed up of passing the days playing tractors and puzzles with the occasional trip to the park. There is so much fun stuff out there that’s just passing us by.

I’m going to have adventures with my Wildthings!


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